Welcome to Goody Cole's Smokehouse and Catering Co.

Goody Cole's Smokehouse is the product of a lifelong dream; we decided to leave the corporate world in 2003 to pursue our dream of opening a BBQ Joint.  With my wife being a native Texan (making me southern by marriage) and I living in the South for over 10 years, we knew had to be true to our southern roots. The dream came true after opening the original Goody Cole's in Exeter, NH in 2003. With just the love and passion for BBQ and no experience in the restaurant business, it soon became a huge success. After three years in Exeter, it was time to expand to a larger facility and ditch the Little Red Smokehouse for a much larger smoker.

After moving to the new home of Goody Cole's Smokehouse on Rt. 125 in Brentwood, we called our friends at J&R Manufacturing in Mesquite, Texas and asked for the biggest and best smoker. The answer was clear; it had to be the Oyler Barbecue Pit, capable of holding 1,200 pounds of meat. The Oyler smokes the meat low and slow without the aide of gas or electricity. Goody Cole's BBQ Pit is fueled by 100% Hickory Wood. In fact, when you pull into the parking lot the first thing you will notice is the wood pile and the sweet smell of hickory wood emanating from the chimney.

Goody Cole's is the place to go for some down home good food. Not only do we smoke all the meat low and slow for 12 hours we also prepare all the sides in house using many of our southern family recipes. 

We hope you enjoy Goody Cole's as much as we have enjoyed opening it and bringing a little bit of the South to New Hampshire.

The Lenihans
Goody Cole's Smokehouse

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